I found much information from talking with our family.  Grand Parents,
Parents, Older Siblings and Aunts & Uncles are a wealth of knowledge
that could otherwise take years of researching.
Photo albums are a great start to ask questions about who is who, etc.
The Family Bible or a similar keepsake that holds written records of
Births, Deaths, Weddings, etc is always a terrific head start.

In the 1950's we visited Aunt Lil Sprague in her log home in Port Henry,
deep in the Adirondacks.  She and Aunt Bertha were daughters of one  
of our Grand Mother Cordelia Jarry's sisters.  Aunt Lil's husband Henry
was deceased so she  lived alone at the time.   While there, she gave
me, "Little Eddie" (Oh Boy!), their Family Bible, since I was the youngest
of the Ten Donohue's.  Unfortunately there were No entries in it
concerning dates or family.  However, once I had it home, I asked
questions of Francis T. and Mary G., and filled in basic data on them and
a little on their parents.

The best memory from this trip was the story rugged 'ol Aunt Lil told us
about the time she had to grab her rifle and shoot the bear out the back
door "cuz he was making a fuss and wouldn't leave her dog alone on
the back porch."
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