Dad, Francis T., had this in the attic.
No one remembers Dad playing it.
May have been his father, John J.'s ?
The Head is a pre-1895 Jos. Rogers Jr.

( Dad also had a Mandola  'in the attic'  ! )
Uncle Ed's 22 Fret 'Tenor' Banjo  
Bought in 1968 to follow "Mike & Ike" in Albany.
I was Transferred to Syracuse 2 weeks later.
I Just dusted it off in February 2010.... !!!!
"Where are the Lesson Books ???"

Below :    A New Mandolin  3.10.2010
The  Plan is  to Learn GDAE Tuning  and    then :
Re-String the Banjo to be an "Irish" Tuned GDAE.
Banjos  In  The   Attic :
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Eddy Davis - Carolina in the Morning
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NEW Irish Tenor Banjo - August 2010
Don't tell Aunt JoAnn, But I just bought a new
17 Fret IT 250F.  Now I Have to learn how to
play it... or else.  Next  ReUnion, I will play
something someone will recognize!  I Hope !!