The Albany Ten
        Donohue Clan
Euphrosine Beaudoin
              Jarry (Jenri)          
Our Great GrandMother
Born in St.Roch de l'Achigan, Quebec
(A little north west of Montreal...near St.Ann de Beaupre Shrine)
At some point she moved to Glens Falls. No details.
Married  Norbert Jarry (or Jenri) possibly in Glens Falls,NY
Believe they had 4 or 5 daughters and a son. There is a picture.
Most records are from St. Alphonsus Church in Glens Falls.
Believe she died in 1893.  There is some confusion concerning
some records. We are trying to establish if there is another
generation in between Canada and Glens Falls.
Still investigating  03/03/2001.
Euphrosine Beaudoin Jarry
See  Cordelia
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The Jarry (Jenri) Family
     of Glens Falls, NY