"Grand" Old Names  of  The Donohue Ten
Some Grand Old Names from the Donohue, et al  past
‘Tis a shame that Francis T. & Mary G. never took advantage of the many historic Family names.  And it is
apparently too late for the "Albany 10" to do so.  However, fortunately for our children and grand-children,
., I have put together these names from the Clan trivia info, so they can certainly take advantage of these
Boy's  & Girl's names in the future........wow........How could  they not!
1886 Baptism of Marie Eulalie daughter of Philibert  Jarry & Emma  Robert,Sponsor ? & Emma
Jarry(daughter of Emma?)
1889 Baptisimal record of ANOTHER Euphrosine . July 28,1889 Baptism of Euphrosine Betrice Jarry.
Daughter of Philibert Jarry & Emma Robert.
Her god parents are Parrain Norchise  Bazinet and Cordelia  Jarry.
1893 Jan 13 1893, Marie Artilie Jenry  C.O.D...Child of Norbert Jenry & Emma Robert  witness Norbert &
George Henry Beaudin.
1897 Baptism June 16,1897 Agnes Lutetia born & baptised same day.
Born of John Donahue & Cordelia Jenri...wit Norbert Jenri and Emma Jenry.(Philibert?)
** Died  01/07/1898  6mo. 20days  at 134 Orange St.Albany.  In St.Agnes  S12 L51(The Lamb).
1900's Cordelia's sister Pamelia & brothers Robert & Philibert? Jenry.
Cordelia stood up for Phil & Emma Robert daughter bap. in 1889.
Bertha was a daughter of a sister of Cordie.??
Norbert Jenry/i died in 1900 at age 82.
1906 Jan 24 1906, Marriage  of Henricus (Henry) Sprague of Port Henry.
Liliane Jenri of GF, Aunt Lil...Her mother & Father were Norbert  Jenri & Emma Robert. Witnesses
were..Joseph Donohue &
Louisa Dudley.
1909 Napolean  Beaudin Husband of Margarita  Dailey ...record of death, he was 31 from GF.
1913 Donahoe, Murtaugh F. salesman  391 Clinton Ave    (Must be Murty Jr.)
               (Many of this spelling at 203 Orange & 194/4 Clinton )
Donohue, CORDIE  widow John J.  h 134 Orange st
               Daniel F.  paperhanger  h 28 Monroe st
Hackett, Mary E  boards  35 Elizabeth
            Michael  shoemaker  h. 35 Elizabeth
            Sylvester A  boards  35 Elizabeth
So we have:
Boys: Philibert, Parrain,  Norchise, Norbert, George, Henry, Henricus, Napolean,
        Murtaugh, Sylvester
Girls: Eulalie, Emma, Euphrosine,  Betrice, Cordelia, Agnes, Lutetia, Pamelia,
         Bertha, Liliane, Louisa,  Margarita
Then there is himself, F.T. Ferdinand Timothy.....and of course herself, has the ‘G' in Mary G.
(I'll bet Dad tried to name me Napolean !!)   Regards,  Brother Ed.  4/5/1999
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