Michael Hackett
Hackett   Info From Census Look Ups, etc
Jan 21, 1997... looking in the Albany Hall of Records, found :

On 10/13/1868, Timothy Donahoe signed US Intent. He was 33yrs
old,was from Co.Kerry, left from Queenstown, Judge Schuyler/McCloskey
This is OUR Tim ** actual age at death in 1894 was 58'ish..so born
around  1836 .   Can see age in 1880 Census info.

10/14/1868, Michael Hackett signed US Intent. He was 23yrs old,
from Co.Kerry, left from Liverpool, Judge Schuyler/McCloskey. This is
Bridget's brother.  Believe he was born 1839'ish...so he would be about
27...+/- 4 years.   This is the day after Timothy signed in same office for
Intention of Naturalization(US Citizenship).

Feb 14, 2001 ... digging further in Albany Hall of Records.....

Found Daniel Hackett's Naturalization Record
Name :   
Hackett, Daniel       Signed Intent : Schoharie 19 Oct 1866
Born :  Ireland  Fitz(simmons?)  Location :  Albany
Witness :
Michael Hackett       
Naturlized  :  21 Oct 1868         Judge : Wm. Scheafer
** Michael signed Intent on Oct 14.....7 days before he was to be a
witness here for brother Dan in becoming a Citizen of the USA.

Again, the Ladies were not required to register, etc.. so there were no
records of Bridget to be found, until her Wedding Dec 8, 1861.

The spelling of names varies from document to document, as it usually
was the Clerk who wrote the name, probably un-seen and un-checked by
the person involved.  
Some Interesting Findings around Albany....
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( What the heck was Daniel Hackett doing in Schoharie in October 1866? Harvest time??)
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