Mahan Info From Census Look Ups, etc
Dan Ryan & Family
Mahan Family Tree
1880  G G GrandMother      
 Ellen  Living with her           
  G-Son John Mahan in        
1880 Bart & Peg(Lynch)  Mahan's   
            Daughter Ellen
1860  GrandFather Peter
Mahan at 11 years old
in Watertown with Family
1900  Peter Mahan at age 47 -(49-50)
944 B'way  in Rensselaer, NY
1860 Dan Ryan 35, and our future
GMother Mary Ryan is 5 years old.
GreenBush = (Rensselaer)
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Ellen Mahan, Brett, Calvary Cemetery ,Watertown
Historic Watertown NY
Soooo, Here's Mary Ryan at 5 & Peter Mahan at 11 in 1860....
Civil War Soldiers - Bartholomew and John Mahan
The Sad Turn of Events of Bartholomew Mahan
Street Addresses of the Mahan's & Bretts
1870 Census  
Mahans & Bretts
w/ New Web Info
1870 Census- Web Info