The Albany Ten
         Donohue Clan
Mary Ryan  Mahan         
circa 1920
Mary was born in Ireland around 1858.
She is the Daughter of Daniel Ryan and her mother's
 name was Margret (maiden name is not yet known).
 Mary had a sister, Mother's "Aunt" Meg.
Peter Mahan apparently met Mary Ryan in Renss.
 around 1880.  Believe they were married at St.John's
 in Rensselaer.
Mary and Peter lived at 944 Broadway Renss. and begot
 four children : James (died at 12), Grace, John  and  Mary.
 Peter worked as a Tinsmith ...  
Peter was also born in Ireland, in 1850;
 His parents, James & Margaret,came to the USA in 1852
 with three sons, settled in Watertown,NY and had nine
 more children.
Mary died in 1933. Peter died in 1916.
Peter and Mary Ryan were Married (at St John's in Rensselaer,NY) around 1880.
They settled at 944 Broadway. Begot (James),Grace,John and Mary G.
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