O’Connor,etc Visitors: I’m Ed Donohue,
 GreatGrandson of Tim&BridgetDonohue
 of the Grave site Next to this. Looking for
 Geneology/history of Family.These two lots
 owned by Bridget O’Connor&Timothy Donohue.
 Phone ***-****, e-mail ed******@aol.com

This is a note I left taped to the back of the
  head stone Next to Timothy & Bridget in
    St Agnes Cemetery on 5/10/2000.
      No Response. (2008)

Over the Years, I have left  similar Notes
At different locations, but no response.

At Daniel & Michael Hackett’s Stone, in 2007,
 There was a Rosary wrapped around the
   Cross on the stone. So I left a note there.

And at Daniel Donohue’s Grave,( Dad’s Uncle ?),
There were fresh flowers, so again I left a Note.
   Perhaps people are afraid to answer some Whacko
     Who left them a note on a Grave….
        Now that I think about it………. Hmmmmm !

Note:   ***** used above for privacy purposes on the Web.
Reaching Out to the Visitors...........
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