The Albany Ten
           Donohue Clan    Album
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John J. Donohue and Cordelia Jarry (Jenri)   and  Her Family
An 'Older' Cordelia & John J.
John J.
Cordelia 's Mother Euphrosine and Cordie's  Siblings
John J. Donohue and Cordelia 's  Children  Francis T, Marie, John
Francis T.      Francis T. with Marie
Francis T.   School Days            Street Ball - Dad 2nd from Right,front
Jeannine says "Angela's Ashes"
2nd from Right,standing
Francis T.,    Aunt Marie,   Uncle John
1919 - Champs at Albany Armory
Peter J. Mahan  and  Mary Ryan and Family
    Peter J.     Mary Ryan Mahan       Mary, Uncle Jack, Mother's Aunt Meg
                                                                                               "Grandma Mahan,Grace,Jack,Mary,Meg "
Francis T. Donohue  and  Mary G. Mahan and Family
Donohue NINE @ a Picnic!
 Ahhh,  Here's TEN  
1949 - 50'ish
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