Questions :

Where were Uncle John & Aunt Peggy married.... when....     what was her name....   ?  
 Rensselaer ??

Did anyone know of 'Uncle Daniel Donohue' , Second Ave area, kids.... St,James?
Dan was John's Brother. John died at 39 in 1904, Dad was 8 - 10,brought up by Cordelia,
I suppose 'Uncle Dan' could have faded out of the picture?     11/2008

How about the Hackett's..... North Albany, 20 South St in 1940's 50,s Sylvester,  Mary Joy?
Mike & Dan Hackett were John's Uncles, so when Bridget died in 1885, Dan Hackett died 1890 at
age 53, Mike Hackett 1919 age 80 (1839-1919)  so I guess they too were out of the picture! 11/08

Names of Cordie's sisters?
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