St. Alphonsus Church and Cemetery   -   Glens Falls, NY
Parish of the    Norbert Jerry   Family
       Port Henry and Mariah
Home to Many  Jerry  Daughters & Families
Sprague,  Beaudin,  Robeliard,  French
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I found cemetery stone with :
Robert Jerry 1807-1891 and Hurosine,
     His Wife, 1806-1883.
This has to be Norbert & Euphrosine  ?

Right behind this was another stone with :
Emma Jerry April 10,1898  27yrs.
**Info sisters had found :
1886 : Baptism of Marie Eulalie
daughter of Philibert Jarry & Emma Robert,
Sponsor ?? & Emma Jarry...this Sponsor has got         
  to be her age 15?
        See Trivia  1807 - 1891
Jerry,  Jarry,  Jenri,  Beaudin,  Beadoin
Exit 18 N
A Letter from "Cousin" Marie French - Port Henry to Sister Louise  our "Aunt Marie" - her Cousin
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St Alphonsus' Cemetery   Glens Falls
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