January 21, 1997     
Trip to St. Joseph's & Albany County Hall of Records
             (After collecting much info at the Cemetery offices, the Search Continues)

Today, Tuesday 01/21/97, I first attempted to go to St. Joseph’s Church’s parish office on Ten Eyck St,
behind the Palace.  I was told on the phone that they were opened Tuesday’s 12:30 to 2pm & on
Thursday’s 9am to Noon.  Arrived at 12:30 and stood in a line of 16 Albanians of color.   Door finally
opened, eight folks made it in, the rest of US, who were now about 22 in number, were left standing in
the eight concrete stepped, three foot wide,  22 degree cold, outside stair-well with the basement door
still anxiously ajar below us.  I eventually realized I was the only one in line NOT waiting for a free meal
and a change of socks...etc.  So I nonchalantly, turned around and squeezed my way back up the stairs...
and decided I might wait till another day.

I then went to Albany City Hall, but finding out they only had Birth & Death records with limited data, and
since Timothy & Bridget were born in Ireland, I decided to try the Albany County Hall of Records.

Looked into Naturalization records.   All Males had to register with the local City,etc., their INTENT to
become a US citizen.  Then usually within five years they could become a citizen.

Also, looked at numerous City of Albany directories.  The streets involved, from the St.Agnes records,
are 28 Monroe Street, 134 Orange Street and 174 Clinton Ave.  All three houses are now gone.  Orange
St is one block over from Clinton Ave and Monroe St is two blocks over.  Both begin just across Clinton
Ave from the Palace theater.  Number 174 Clinton is two blocks up the hill from the Palace.

I also made an attempt on this first two hour visit to look at Marriage licenses from 1870-77, which is the
earliest Albany has on record.  These are listed by the Brides’ name.  I found two Hackett’s, Catherine
and Mary A.  Tried to look at the actual record anyway, but the micro-fiche was unreadable.  Will try to
have them show me the book next time, as they have to wear gloves and unwrap the books to prevent
adding to the decay. (Since Grand Father John J., was born on 2/26/1864, these 1870 records may be a
tad too late anyway.)

In looking at the naturalization records, again, the spelling of Donohue varies from form to form & book
to book ( and even year to year in the Census for the same household) !   

I Believe Our Timothy  registered for his Intent for US Citizenship in Albany on October 13, 1868,  as
Timothy Donahoe, age 33, from Kerry, Ireland,  who departed Ireland from Queenstown(now Cobh) in
County Cork. The info is written by Clerk McCloskey and witnessed by Judge W.C.Schyler.  From dates
on various records, Timothy was 28 to 33 in 1868.

I was told that only Males were required to register.  But, looking anyway for Hackett, I found an
interesting item.  A Michael Hacket(t) registered with the SAME Albany office, Judge & Clerk, the very
NEXT Day, October 14, 1868.....He was age 23 and from Kerry, Ireland, but he sailed from Liverpool.    
Could this be Bridget’s younger brother.......???   Actually, they didn’t require info on married status or
children at this time.  Perhaps, it’s possible that Bridget & Timothy were married in Ireland !  I was told
people were supposed to register soon after they were settled.  Sooooo...this is 1868 and Bridget is
about 31, and Timothy is 33 and just registering.

As for the spelling of names, they are all written by the local Clerk.  On another citizenship record, I
found a Timothy Donahoe, age 23 in 1852 , here via Liverpool,  who apparently later wrote his name
diagonally across the certificate as Donoghue , to let it be known !  Most of them probably never saw
the actual spelling since it was filled in for them.

The Census info is by name and by Election District with or w/o address.  The City Directories are by
name and then include the address.  So finding who shares the same house, is by eyeball.

There were a Ton of Donohue’s of most every spelling variation.  They seem to be greatly gathered
around the same area of Monroe, Orange, Swan and  Clinton Ave. There are many names of  James,
John, Edward and William.

The following is what seemed to be most pertinent :
1868 & 69  City Directories                   1880 Census (On Micro-Fiche) :
At 37 Monroe Street :                                At 28 Monroe Street :
Timothy Donahoe                                      Timothy Donahoe        Age  44
                                                                   Bridget                          Age  42
                                                                   John                               Age  16
                                                                   Daniel                            Age  10

1885 City Directory (Bound Book)
 At 28 Monroe Street :
    Timothy Donahue         , h., Laborer                       
    John J.                          , b., Student
    John J.                          , b., Laborer
    Norah, Donahoe            , b., Miss
My Notes: (Bridget died on July 23, 1885 ) and h. = Homeowner, b. = Boarder. Norah is Aunt, Cousin?

1892 State Census (Index Cards 12-1-5-1)
 At 28 Monroe Street :
    Timothy Donohue   Age 52        Laborer
    John J.                      Age 29        Letter Carrier
    Daniel                       Age 23        Paperhanger

Next time I hope to find more definite Birth dates and Place of Birth information.
However, most forms did not require this detail.  I have sent Internet inquiries concerning Donohue’s
and Hackett’s from County Kerry as well as Jenri’s in St. Roch de l’Achigan, Quebec, Canada(that was
exciting).  Also, the record says that Francis T. was born in Glens Falls, so whatever we can find there.
Sounds like Grandfather John J. met Cordelia on her way down from Canada or Glens Falls?       **** Any
Info,    Plz let me know.      Brother Ed.

*** 2008 UpDate :
  It was Our G.Grand.Father Timothy who signed the Intent and Bridget’s Brother Mike also.
  I later found Bridget’s other brother Daniel signed Intent in Schoharie, and sponsored Mike five years  later.
  And, Tim & Bridget were married 12/08/1861 at the RC Cathedral in Albany; then lived at 28 Monroe St.