The Donohue, et al
         Family Timeline
The Albany Ten  Donohue Family Timeline
1780'ish  Bart Sr? Mahan born in Ireland (Co.Leitrim?)
1790 Ellen? Mahan born in Ireland (Co.Leitrim?)
1810 James Mahan born in Ireland (Co.Leitrim?)d1873
1818 Norbert Jenry (Jarry,Jenri) born in Canada?/France?.
1836 Timothy Donohue born in Ireland - (died 2/28/1894)
1837 Bridget Hackett born in Ireland  - (died 7/23/1885)
One or both were born in  Kilmeany, County Kerry,. Ireland
Believe they came to Albany/USA between 1845 to 1855.
1842'ish James Mahan & Margaret Brett Wed in Ireland.
They Begot Bartholemew(1843),John(‘48), Peter(1850) in Ireland and
MaryAnn(1852), James,Mary A.,Ellen C., Edward,Margaret,Thomas,Richard,Agnes(‘65)
1850 Peter Mahan is born in Ireland. (3rd son of James & Margaret(Brett))
1850-52 Mahans come to USA. (4th child, Mary Ann, born in US,1852)
1860 NYS Census shows James & Margaret Mahan in Watertown with 7 children.
1861 Bridget Hackett & Timothy Donohue, Married at the Cathedral on December 8
1861 There is a Beaudoin Family(Euphrosine?) In St.Roch de l'Achigan, Quebec.
And a Norbert Jarry in Bleury Quebec, St.Jean sur Richelieu.
1862 G-Uncle Bart Mahan enlisted in the 10th Artillery for the Civil War-1865.
1864 G-Uncle John Mahan enlisted in the 186th Infantry for the Civil War-1865.
1864 Between 1852-82 Ellen Mahan, g-g-gm comes to USA lives with James in Watertown,NY
1864 John J.,grandfather, born Feb.26 toTim&Brid,Baptised 2/27 St.Joseph's Church
1865-70 Bridget & Timothy had 4 sons, John & Daniel , and
it is belived their sons Tim & Mike died quite young(per St.Mary's).
1872 Timothy & Bridget purchase 28 Monroe St for $1,600.
1874 Directory shows Timothy , laborer & Mike Hackett,laborer,boarder at 28 Monroe.
1880 Census has Tim 44, Bridget 42, John 16, Dan 10 & Dan Hackett 39.+
1882 Ellen Mahan, g-g-gm dies at 69 in Watertown on 11/22/1882
1885 Bridget's funeral Mass was at St.Mary's on 7/25/1885
1886 John J. bought 28 Monroe from his father, Timothy.
1887 ?Peter & Mary Ryan Mahan Wed. Around this time ( in Rensselaer?).
They begot, James?(‘88),John (Uncle Jack & Aunt Kate), Grace and Mary(1898)
1889 Cordelia Jarry was God parent to Euphrosine Jarry,daughter of her brother Philibert.
1890 Directory shows John J.,Letter Carrier at #28M,&Dan Hackett shoemaker 35 Eliz.
1892 John & Cordelia Jarry Wed. John,27, with RR from Albany, Cordie,24, of Glens Falls.
They begot, Francis T, John J, and Marie (Sister Louise)
1893 Directory has John at 174 Clinton Ave & Timothy at 28 Monroe
1894 Timothy's funeral Mass was at St.Joseph's on 3/02/1894.
1896 Francis T, born in Glens Falls, St.Alphonsus, Ferdinand, Thomas, Francis.
1898 Mary G. Mahan, born in Rensselaer in December.
1900 Norbert Jenry (Jarry,Jenri) died at age 82 in Glens Falls.
1904 John J. Donohue, Died July 26, at 174 Clinton Ave, 39 yrs old.
1913 Directory shows Cordie, widow of John at 134 Orange; Daniel, Paperhanger at 28 Monroe.
1916 Peter J. Mahan died 2/16/1916. "Employees of McDonald Meter works invited".
1917 Albany / Rensselaer Directory has :
Cordie, widow of John at 134 Orange; Daniel, Paperhanger at 360 2nd Ave,
Francis T.,sub-carrier boards 134 Orange St.
Rensselaer Dir.. Mary Mahan, widow of Peter J., 944 Broadway.
Peter J., Grocer 72 Washington Ave deceased owner.
1920 Cordelia's funeral Mass was at St.Joseph's?, d5/31/1920.
1924 Francis T. Donohue & Mary G. Mahan Wed 10/06 at St.John's Rensselaer.
They begot, MaryLou, Francis T, John J, Lorraine, William V,
Thomas C, Joseph J, Grace, Jeannine, Edward A.
1933 Mary Ryan Mahan, Died 12/12/1933, Funeral from home & St.John's.
1940 Directory has Francis T.Donohue, special clerk PO, at 150 Cardinal Ave.
1981 Francis T. Died 5/26/1981, Funeral from St.Teresa's
1982 Mary G. Died 8/12/1982, Funeral from St.Teresa's
Albany Addresses of Family Note :
28 Monroe Street  (was Van Schiack St, renamed Monroe in 1874)
Tim & Bridget purchase it in 1872.  Tim died from there in 1891.
The 1913 shows Daniel F, paperhanger as homeowner here.
174 Clinton Ave. - 1893 has John J. here. He died here in 1905 at 39 years old.
The 1893 city directory has John J living here.. 1904 JJ died from here.
134 Orange St -.
On 12/3/86, death of Child of JJ from here.
1913 has Cordie, widow of John living here. 1917 dir shows Cordie & Francis T.  
35 Elizabeth St - Hackett's later 20 South St. in  North Albany  & DonAhue's here    
Hackett family : Bridget had 2 known brothers, Daniel & Michael Hackett
20 South  North Albany   Hackett's &  DonAhue's here
944 Broadway Rensselaer - Peter & Mary Mahan's home...Aunt Grace & Mother.
360 Second Ave - in 1917 Dad's Uncle Dan Donohue,Paperhanger, lived here.
490 Delaware Ave. Francis & Mary's first house around 1924.
16  W.Erie Street -  Francis & Mary's second house around 1930.
150 Cardinal Ave - Francis & Mary's third & final house around 1938.
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1813 Ellen ???- Mahan born in Ireland (Co.Leitrim?)d1882