Hi Ed,

Well this is what I found:

The 1870 Census for Watertown

James Mahan, 55, Teamster, b Ire
Margaret (Brett)Mahan, 40, b Ire
Bartholomew Mahan, 26, Clerk in Store, b Ire
Peter Mahan, 19, Tin Smith, b Ire
James Mahan, 16, b NY
Ellen Mahan, 14, b NY
Edward Mahan, 12, b NY
Margaret J. Mahan, 10, b NY
Thomas Mahan, 8, b NY
Richard Mahan, 6, b NY
Agnes Mahan, 4, b NY
                         These homes were probably on  Brainard Street   

In an obit for William Brett dated 5 Apr 1913, it says he died at 86 yrs of
age and was a native of County Sligo, Ire.

So I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Mahan's and Brett's were from
County Sligo which is where my Flynn, Burns and Graham's were from.  Would you
also believe that John Thomas Graham (1865-1897), who married Agnes Theresa
Mahan (1865-1938) are in MY family tree :<).  They were married on 24 Jun 1891
in Watertown, NY by Rev. T Glenn.

Thomas Graham (1800-1876) married Catherine "Kitty Rua" Flynn (1800-1880) on
19 Feb 1808 in
Templeboy, Co. Sligo.  Their son Thomas (1828-1910) married
Brigit Ann McManus (1840-1883) 19-May 1861 in Watertown, NY.  It their son
John Thomas Graham that married Agnes Theresa Mahan. Catherine Flynn Graham is
my gr gr aunt.  Her brother John Flynn is my gr gr grandfather.

Now to your question about helpful web sites.  There are two, which you may
already know about, that I have found to have tremendous amounts of
information on people in Northern NY:

Old Fulton Postcards at:  www.fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html


Northern New York Historical Newspapers at:  http://news.nnyln.net

Both of these site have the actual newspaper articles that can be printed off.
I found William, Jr.'s death, Bridget Brett's death, John Brett's death and
Margaret Mahan's death.

I hope that at least some of this has helped and just let me know if there is
something else I can help you with.

Best Regards,

Kathy Flynn Simons

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This is what I sent to Kathy... came across an inquiry by her on the Web..
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Subject: Search Brett & Mahan in Watertown NY

I'm Ed Donohue of Albany NY, searching family  roots...  Came across a
2006 memo from you concerning Bretts.  I have  a James Mahan married in
Ireland to Margaret Brett. They came to USA in 1850-51  settled in Watertown,NY.
Verbal history says Margaret had a Brother living  there,who encouraged them
to come.  Mahans came with Bart, John & Peter  (my GrandFather, born 1849-50)
They had total of 12 children in W'town.  see my family site  
_www.donoventures.com_ (http://www.donoventures.com)    
search Mahan    We don't know where in  Ireland Margaret or James came
from......  if anything seems to connect,  would appreciate any info....
Please let me know of other links that may have  info..
Ed D
Here's info that just came in Jan 2009. I saw an e-mail inquiry somewhere on the web asking
about Bretts in Watertown, Sent a note to Kathy Flynn Simons in California, and below was her
  I wrote back and told her that Mother had asked me to drop in to see the Crossmans in
Hollywood Florida back in the late 1960's......  as that is the common link between our families...

  As she points out,  it's possible that the Mahans / Bretts came from County Sligo,Ireland.. just
north of Galway....    
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And living right next door to the Mahan's

John Brett, 50, laborer, b Ire
Bridget Brett, 40, b Ire
Kate Brett, 15, Working in Paper Mill, b Ire
William Brett 14, b Ire
John Brett, 10, b Ire
George Brett, 8, b NY
James Brett, 5, b NY