The Albany Donohue’s Ireland Connection :

1780'ish  ??? Mahan our Great-Great Grand Father born in Ireland (Co.Leitrim?)

1790 Ellen ??? Mahan, Great-Great Grand Mother born in Ireland (Co.Leitrim?)d1882

1810 James Mahan, Great Grand Father born in Ireland (Co.Leitrim?)d1873

1815-25 Margaret Brett, Great Grand Mother born in Ireland (Co.Leitrim?)d1905

On Internet :Found an  Ellen Mahan in 1856 in County Leitrim,Outerragh civil parish, Tullywana townland.  There is also a Michael and a William Mahan in that same townland.

Ellen & ??? 's son James & wife Margaret & their 3 sons Bart, John and gf Peter came to the USA in 1850‑52. Ellen was said to be born in 1790, died in 1882.

1836 Timothy Donohue born in Ireland - (died 2/28/1894)

1837 Bridget Hackett born in Ireland  - (died 7/23/1885)

     One or both were born in Ireland, Kilmeany, County Kerry.   From Internet Info :   “Based          on how my grandmother pronounced ea and ee sounds when she did her Irish brogue, I                   suggest Killmaney(on the tombstone) is actually Kilmeany in the IraghtiConnor Barony,            Knockanure Parish, Listowel Poor Law Union, Ordinance Survey map sheets 11, 17.

     This is near Trallee, south shore of the Shannon in Co.Kerry. I then asked : Looking at                   Grenham's book, page xxii, Map of Kerry Parishes.  Listowel Parish,#32, is the parish next to

     # 4, BallyDONOHOE ....certainly sounds like some kind of connection.

     Thanks,  Ed Donohue Albany NY  (Donohue,Hackett,Mahan,Ryan,Brett)


     Ed:   I can't say that BallyDonohoe would be a clue, or simply a coincidence.  It does mean            "the town of the Donohues" however, so I would tend to think at one time, way back in the            1600 or 1700's, someone seemed to think enough Donohoes were there to name a townland            after them.  Ballydonohoe is in the Galey civil parish, which happens to be, as you note, the        parish right next to Listowel civil parish, which happens to be right next to Knockanure              civil parish.  The entire area looks to be about 10 miles wide, maybe 5 miles north to south,          so not a big area.

     As for Killmaney.  Elizabeth is certainly correct, ‘ea’ is pronounced with the long a sound,             like in mane, wane, train, etc.  Kilmeany is one of the larger townlands in the civil parish,         taking up about 900 acres of a 9500 acre parish.  So, yes I would say Kilmeany is dead on              and that is where you belong....” Cindy Woods(Cindy is a major Irish genealogist Internet)

1842'ish James Mahan & Margaret Brett Wed in Ireland.

    They Begot Bartholemew(1843),John(‘48), Peter(1850) in Ireland, then in Watertown

    MaryAnn(1852), James,Mary A.,Ellen C.,Edward,Margaret,Thomas,Richard,Agnes(‘65)

1850 Peter Mahan our Grand Father is born in Ireland. (3rd son of James & Margaret(Brett)

1850-52 Mahans come to USA. (4th child, Mary Ann, born in Watertown,NY, 1852)

1850-82 Ellen Mahan came from Ireland to live with her son James in Watertown.

1850-61 Believe Timothy & Bridget came to Albany/USA separately. Bridget’s brothers Michael & Daniel Hackett also came around this time, probably with Bridget.




1861 On 12/08/1861, Timothy & Bridget Donohue Wed at Cathedral in Albany,NY.

1868 On 10/13/1868, Timothy Donohue signed his US Intention for Citizenship in Albany,NY. It stated that he was 33 yrs old, from Co.Kerry,Ireland, sailed from Queenstown(now Cobh,Cork).

   On the very next day, 10/14/1868, Michael Hackett, 23yrs old, appeared to the same judge and signed his US Intent. Says from Co.Kerry, sailed from Liverpool. This is more than likely one of Bridget’s brothers. ( Perhaps there were jobs opening up for those who signed the US Intent...

...So Tim says “Hey Michael, ye best be signing up for the jobs. I just did  me’self  yesterday.”

 1861 On 12/08/1861, Timothy & Bridget Donohue Wed at Cathedral in Albany,NY.

Hackett’s settled at and  around # 35 Elizabeth Street, South-East of Lincoln Park, off Morton.

Many Donohue’s there also, but Tim is first found at 28 Monroe St, behind McGary’s, one block East of  Clinton Ave, and a block from Orange St....all family locations.