04/16/2000 : This is a copy of the info from the “Trivia” portion of the data I have

 put together.  It is a rambling collection of info Cousin Jean Currie of Minoa, NY recited

 on the phone.  Along with a visit to the Cemetery and Brenber Street in Watertown

 someday, my main quest will be to see & copy a newspaper clipping her husband had found ....

concerning those in Ireland.   Bro. Ed.


Received copy of Currie Chart from Jeannine, who received it from Grace.

Jean Currie & her husband Richard , were putting together family info and sent

a questionnaire to Mother around 1980.  Sometime later Jean sent Mother a copy of this chart,

 which was just relocated.

 From my phone chat with Jean :   The oldest link is "Unknown 1st name" Mahan & his wife

Ellen "Unknown maiden name" Mahan (1790‑1882), both born & living in Ireland. 

Their son James is the next link.  James Mahan 1810‑1873 & Margaret Brett 1824‑1905,

 were married in Ireland around 1842.

There they had three sons Bartholemew 1843, John 1846 and PETER 1850. 

They all moved to America about 1850‑52, and settled in Watertown, NY,

where they had nine other children.  It is believed that  there was land there owned by a Brett,

 so it may have been Margaret's relative that brought them there.  

  *** Bart and John served in the Civil War. Records are in Watertown.

         (I found info in NYSLib 5/14/97.)  

  *** James, Margaret & Bart are buried in the Mahan plot in Calgary Cemetary in Watertown.  

  *** Brothers Ed and Richard 'took off', no trace of where or when.  Bart's 1st wife, Meg Lynch,

     "lost her mind" and drowned herself, while Bart was at war.   She is buried in the Lynch family plot

("Family problems, you know those Old Irish")  

   *** Jean said that her grandfather Thomas, had a cleft‑lip, and was 'rejected' by others in school,

     so he didn't get much formal education. He became a toolmaker by trade.  

***  There is a Will on record from Margaret Brett Mahan, 1905'ish. 

*** Jean remembers many of the Mahan family houses along Brenber Street in Watertown,

    from when they used to visit the families.  She said that her husband found an Irish?

      newspaper clipping with info on Ellen's death w/dates(1790‑1882).

*** Jean said that her Grandparents, Thomas & Hanna Brown Mahan, spent their Honeymoon(1897‑8'ish)

       with our Grand parents Peter & Mary Ryan Mahan in Rensselaer.

*** (Jean's husband Richard died of a Heart Attack around 1986

         ,and is also buried in the Mahan plot in Watertown.)