Ed Donohue

28 Swift Road

Voorheesville, NY 12186

January 27, 1999

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Eagle St.

Albany, NY  12207


Attn : Sister Clare


Thank you for searching and FINDING the Marriage Records of 12/08/1861 for :


Timothy Donohue 1836 - 2/28/1894

Bridget Hackett    1837 - 7/23/1885


Would appreciate ANY other  info available on any of the above.  Like Bridget’s Parents names; where they & Bridget were born; or when or where they came to the USA.

We don’t know if Bridget & brothers Mike & Dan came together or with parents.etc. 

If Bridget were indeed born in 1837, she was 24 when married.  Were the Hackett’s or Tim Donohue members of the Cathedral Parish for 5 or 10 years prior to 1861?

Were any addresses or history used in the forms they filled out?


Other data ‘known’ :

Both were born in Ireland, County Kerry.

Believe they came to Albany/USA between 1850 to 1861.

Married at the Cathedral on December 8, 1861.

We next see them in Albany in Feb. 1864, St.Joseph’s Church at their son John’s Baptism.

Bridget had 2 brothers Daniel & Michael Hackett.

Bridget & Timothy had 4 sons, John & Daniel Donohue;

     It is belived their sons Tim & Mike died quite young(per St.Mary’s).

Bridget’s funeral Mass was at St.Mary’s on 7/25/1885.

Timothy’s funeral Mass was at St.Joseph’s on 3/02/1894.

Albany addresses for Donohue’s include :

      28 Monroe Street  (was Van Schiack St) after 1874

    174 Clinton Ave.  Around 1895

    134 Orange Street.   1900's


Hackett family :

      35 Elizabeth St

      20 South St, North Albany

If I can assist in the search, please let me know.

Thank you,

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