Ed Donohue
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May 23, 1997

St Mary’s Church
10 Lodge St.
Albany, NY  12207

Ref : Marriage Records, etc  Search

Timothy Donohue (Donahoe, etc.) 1836 - 2/28/1894
Bridget Hackett    1837 - 7/23/1885

Both were born in Ireland, County Kerry. (possibly)
Believe they came to Albany/USA between 1855 to 1864. (possibly)

We first see them in Albany in Feb. 1864, St.Joseph’s Church at their son John’s Baptism.
St.Joseph’s could not find marriage info from 1855 - 65.

Bridget’s funeral Mass was at St.Mary’s on 7/25/1885.

Bridget had 2 brothers Daniel & Michael Hackett.

Bridget & Timothy had 2 sons, John & Daniel Donohue.

Albany addresses include :
    28 Monroe Street  (was Van Schiack)
  174 Clinton Ave.
  134 Orange Street.

Would appreciate any info available on any of the above.  If I can assist in the search,
please let me know.

Thank you,

  Ed Donohue
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