Carrying on the Donohue Family Name

It is probable, but unknown, if Timothy Donohue had any Brothers or Sisters.
So our trace of the Legacy of the Donohue Family name begins at his birth
in what is believed to be Kilmeany or  Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland, in 1834'ish.
( Probably was O’Donoghue;  and town sounds like Kil ‘main’ ey  where he or Bridget was born)   

Of the Four Sons of Timothy & Bridget Hackett-Donohue
Timothy and Michael died very young, leaving John & Daniel
It is currently only known that One son, John,  had sons.

Of the Two Sons of John & Cordelia Jenri-Donohue,  Francis T.   and    John.,
Only One son,  Francis T.,  had sons :

Of the Six sons of  Francis T. &  Mary Mahan-Donohue
Francis T.,  John J.,  William V.,  Thomas C.,  Joseph J.  and   Edward A.
Four had sons:  Francis ,  William ,  Joseph  and  Edward
 Francis T. & Joyce Kent-Donohue         begot sons   Francis ‘Ted’  and  Michael
 William V. & Mary Schmitzer-Donohue   begot sons   William,  Matthew  and  Timothy
 Joseph  J. & Patricia Toolan- Donohue  begot son     Joseph
 Edward A. & JoAnn Wells-Donohue        begot sons   Edward A.  and  Thomas C.

Of these Eight ‘Donohue’ grandsons of Francis & Mary Donohue,
Four have sons, as of Oct, 2010, leaving  9  to carry on the Donohue name :
Francis ‘Ted’ & Wendy Cole-Donohue     have  3 sons,  Robert,  Matthew  and  Kevin
Edward A.  & Kimberly Donohoe-Donohue     have 2 sons,  Griffin W. and  Ryan G.
Matthew & Diane Reilly-Donohue   have  3 sons, Christopher S.,  Brendan, and  Carter Ross.
Thomas C. & Kara Bellizzi(Brennan)-Donohue  have  1  son,  Max Christopher

Mary Lou, Lorraine, Grace & Jeannine and Marie & Claire :
Although the Ladies Names have changed through Marriage, the Legacy of their Donohue blood-line
continues strong.   As of June, 2010 , there are approximately
155 known direct decendents of
Timothy Donohue and Bridget Hackett
  since their Marriage in the Albany, NY Cathedral  
on  December 08, 1861.  (4 Children)

These decendents include the 151 resulting from the   Marriage of   
John Donohue and Cordelia Jenri,   at St.Alphonsus Church, in Glens Falls,
NY  on February 24, 1892   ( 3 Children)

Which include the 125 offspring of the subsequent   
Marriage of
Francis T. Donohue and Mary Mahan   at St.John’s Church in Rensselaer,   
NY October 6, 1924 (10 Children, 42 GrandChildren, 64 Great-Gd Children & 9 GGG )(06/2010)

and the approximately 23 offspring resulting from the
Marriage of John J. Donohue and Peggy O’xxxxxx in New York, on xxx xx, 192x.
              ( 2 children       Marie Donohue- Alletti, Claire Donohue- Ryan )

                                                                                                                             07 - 2010
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